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Emergency Response

Site Response

Osseo Area Schools has a comprehensive emergency plan developed with the help of local law enforcement, emergency management, and public health officials. Drills are routinely held in all district buildings to prepare students and employees for emergencies. In the rare event of an emergency, the school principal or a district administrator will implement one of the following actions as needed.

Hold, secure, lockdown, evacuate, shelter


If an evacuation takes place, families will be notified of the reunification site. At the reunification site, parents should be prepared to have their identification with them. We ask parents remain patient to account for the safety of all parties involved.

Following a critical incident, Security & Emergency Management, school administration, and school resource officers will meet to assess the situation, response and learning points for continual growth and improvement.

School Resource Officers

Osseo Area Schools partners with the Maple Grove Police Department and the Brooklyn Park Police Department to provide on-site Law Enforcement Officers, known as a School Resource Officer (SRO).   SROs are carefully selected, specifically trained, and properly equipped full-time law enforcement officers with sworn law enforcement authority.  SROs have been in school buildings throughout the nation for decades, and our partnership dates back to the 1990s.     

ISD279 is active in the selection process for the SROs.  The SROs have advanced training through the NASRO Organization.  Our SROs work side by side with the administration teams to help mitigate any safety concerns as they arise.  They utilize their training to de-escalate, diminish and solve many situations throughout the day.  

Overall, the utilization of SROs varies by site.  Depending on the situation, and if safe to do so, majority of the issues are handled by the school with little involvement by the SRO.  If the SRO is involved, and charges are filed, the student may be reported for a diversion program or for charging.  Again, this varies depending on the seriousness of the incident.  SROs are not part of discipline at school, behavior management is handled by teachers and administrators.

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